A second Dose

Returning to the Healing Springs

After a nights rest Ameth & Nora decide to head back to the cavern that contains the healing springs to continue cleaning it out of dangers so that Iverson can harvest the ingredients from the health spring. Iverson accompanies the two to the entrance where he stays behind to create a doorway to the cave to prevent future creatures from taking up residence in the caves.

The two heroes make their way down into the cavern where Ameth notices a glow from deep in the pool that the group didn’t notice on their first trip to the cave. Both adventurers swim through an underground waterway which takes them to a small hole containing three large green crystals. Both try to remove the crystals in the hopes of gaining some gold out of their effort. Ameth manages to tear up one of the smaller crystals but finds it still attached to the ground by crystalline roots. He tries to cut the crystal free of the roots but instead of cutting the roots simply shatter into a fine mist. Ameth quickly covers his face with his cloak but Nora was unprepared for the event and inhales a lungful of the crystal mist. She seems ok so the two head back through the small waterway and continue to explore the cave.

They begin to head off into a part of the caves that they had yet to explore but soon find themselves back at the crevice they encountered during For your health. They decide to more thoroughly investigate the goblin camp they went through but soon find several large slimes have taken up residence in the encampment, feeding on the remains of the dead goblins.

The two try to rush past the slimes only to find themselves surrounded by the encroaching blobs. Two slimes are quickly killed but one slime seems to just be getting larger and larger. The two are almost enveloped in a wall of slime when Ameth lights one of his arrows on fire and catches the remnants of a goblin tent on fire. The resulting blaze momentarily causes the giant slime to retreat and the two jump past the creature and the flames to safety. They gain some distance from the monster and continue to pepper it with arrows until it dies and begins to dissipate.

Despite being worn from the battle the two continue to explore the cavern only to find another entrance to the caves. It appears to be the way that the goblins were entering and exiting the cave. They seal it shut and head back to Iverson with the news and happily take him up on his offer of spending another night at his shop.



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