Drie to Devonshire & back again

A missing beauty causes trouble in two towns

While Nora and Ameth are headed toward Drie when they come upon a mysterious stranger. After a bit of confusion all three are locked up in the town jail. Ameth and Nora quickly find that this small town jail was poorly constructed and manage to escape the holding cells. Escaping the town didn’t prove quite as easy. Alerted guards are about to overcome the duo when one of the town walls is blown open by men trying to free the mysterious stranger. Ameth and Nora join forces with the guards to stop this attack and in doing so gain the Mayor’s favor. They agree to try and rescue the mayor’s wife Amaza Ellington from the neighboring town of Devonshire.

When they get to the town they try to get information indirectly about the situation with little results. They decide to confront Duke Edward Ellington about the situation next. The duke is not a happy fellow so the two decide to sneak into the estate at nightfall.

While looking for Amaza Ellington they stumble upon Llocsird and Aletha Wholestory who had also been captured by the Duke in hopes of using their magical abilities for some evil purpose. Ameth made short work of their chains and now the four decided to join forces. Avoiding guards as best they could they eventually came upon a tower which they hoped contained the trapped Amaza Ellington After sneaking up the side of the tower Llocsird decided to hang back in case any guards found them while the rest of the group finished the trek up the rest of the tower. Soon a guard who was making his rounds found the rope the adventures had used to sneak into the tower. Llocsird tried to convince the guard of his master’s evil ways but had no luck and was forced to subdue the man and hide the unconscious body. Meanwhile Nora, Aletha Wholestory, and Ameth reach the top of the tower and find Amaza Ellington being held by two goblin warlocks who are performing some evil ritual. The group makes short work of the two fiends and begin to plan their escape. Llocsird and Aletha Wholestory decide that now that Amaza Ellington is rescued they need to worry about their own freedom and part ways with the group.

With their departure the three take two horses from the Duke’s stable and ride to freedom. They return to Drie and are informed of Ellington’s plan to work with the local goblin tribe to control the surrounding area. The duke had promised the goblins the magic blood of his sister in return for their submission. The mayor asked Ameth & Nora for help stopping any future plots from the Duke or the goblin tribe but the two adventures decided Drie had provided enough adventure for now and headed South.



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