For your Health

Looking for healing springs

After several adventures the Ameth and Nora realize they are running low on health potions. While looking through their fairly light coin purses in the town square of Arantile a familiar figure approaches. A gnome druid named Bean greets Nora, the two have met on previous adventures several years ago. Upon hearing of their need of health potions Bean happily mentions that she’s taken on a job for a local merchant to go search for materials for potions and could probably put in a good word for the fellow adventurers to tag along. The two quickly agree and head toward the merchants shop where they meet Iverson.

The four head off into Quill Woods toward the cavern that holds the ingredients Iverson seeks. The group reaches a large hole in the ground surrounded by flat carved rocks. While investigating the area Ameth notices movement in the bushes and soon discovers an orc. Luckily before any damage is done Iverson steps in and introduces Ifan, the orc ranger. The party seems wary of working with an orc but the merchant swears by his hard work. With a new member to the party a rope is tied at the entrance and everyone lowers into the pit.

The adventurers find themselves in a shallow pool and immediately begin to search for where to go next. Iverson attempts to toss Bean up to a small ledge while Ameth and Nora investigate a large rock in the water. Soon a large eel is stirred from its resting spot under the rock. Iverson rushes to dry land with the rest make quick work of the creature. Bean manages to make it up the ledge only to find several slimes waiting for her. Realizing the ledge full of slimes probably isn’t the best place to start to find the health springs Bean gives her pet fox the scent of health potions and it begins to lead the way. The group encounters a few cave fangs but shortly find the natural health spring located at the center of an underground pool. Bean swims to the small outcropping where the red liquid is pouring out and retrieves a sample for Iverson. It appears to be a pure source that he will be able to harvest for health potions for some time. He thanks the heroes but asks for their continued help of clearing out the caves so harvesting the health potion ingredients will be easier in the future. The group agrees and begins to continue exploring the cavern.

Soon the group comes across a crevasse above a small waterway. They manage to cross over after a few hiccups and find a door with goblin markings on it. After sneaking in the 4 heroes soon find themselves face to face with a goblin encampment. Ifan takes out the lions share of the horde while the others take down the leader of the group. After the last of the monsters have been slayed Iverson thanks the group and apologizes, he had no idea goblins had taken up residence in the caves. They all agree that enough had been done that day and head back to Iverson’s store where he welcomes them to spend the night and rest.



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