Troublesome Maps

Mysterious maps lead to trouble

Nora wakes up early at Iverson’s shop and heads down for some breakfast at the storefront. Despite the early hour the shop already has a few customers, two of which appear to be Malkatraz & Liniff. Everything seems to be going smoothly until another customer bursts in and head to the front of the line. The fidgety man tries to sell Iverson some maps with little luck. Even though the shop keeper isn’t interested the things the strangers are saying piques the interest of the 3 heroes who soon approach the man.

Although Malkatraz seems wary of the odd fellow the other two decide to purchase a map from him. They quickly find up that the man was selling only fragments of torn maps and demand a refund or the rest of the map. Before things escalate too much Iverson intervenes and tells them to take it outside. The fidgety fellow quickly runs off only to be stopped by a large man with a sword. The three adventurers here the knight yelling at the map seller about missing friends and begin to approach the scuffle. They soon learn that the knight’s friends were also tricked into by map fragments but now have gone missing. After some rough encouragement the shifty fellow tells them the location where the maps point to. The knight runs off while the three others follow and soon come upon a mysterious stone door.

Liniff makes her way inside only to find the floor continues to shift with each step she makes. Eventually the floor tilts down one direction far enough to find another door which they decide to enter. The group attempts to make sense of their map fragments with little success only coming across monsters and other traps. Soon though the group comes across a mysterious red door with a living door knocker. They attempt to bypass the lock on the door but soon realize that they will need a special key. While looking for a key they come across a large room that has suffered a cave in.

They hear noises coming from the pile off rock and begin to try and find the source of the muffled commotion. After a few boulders are moved they see a armored hand and then a few stones later, a crushed body. They still hear noise though and soon find a cleric trapped under the rocks but protecting himself with an energy barrier. The three make short work of the remaining debris and as a thanks the Cleric proceeds to heal the group of their current wounds. He tells that he indeed was part of the other adventurers and offers up other map fragments. He asks to travel with the group until they leave the dungeon and despite Malkatraz’s objections Nora welcomes the cleric along.

The now larger group continues to explore and things seem to be going as expected until Liniff discovers a large metal grate and begins prying at the hinges and tossing meat down into the hole. Soon the cleric’s eyes seem to glaze over and he violently tries to stop Liniff from opening the grate. Malkatraz defends his fellow traveler and attempts to kill the cleric for his attack. Nora steps in to stop the violence but is met with Malkatraz’s wrath. Liniff manages to get the large grate open and begins to send a rope down into the darkness. The cleric throws up the same shield he used to protect himself from the cave in and begins to chant “protect…destroy…protect…destroy” Liniff heads down into the hole while Malkatraz slams his axe against the cleric’s barrier. The shield slowly becomes more and more opaque until it seems to be a solid impregnable mass. Nora & Malkatraz realize their traveling partner has vanished into the hole and decide to follow.

Soon the three find themselves in in a large half sunken chamber. Just as they begin to get their bearings a large humanoid serpent creature attacks the group. Almost on instinct Liniff scrambles to find safety while Nora & Malkatraz attempt to put the previous argument behind them to tackle the threat before them. After several close calls the creature is killed and the heroes find three golden eggs and make their escape to the surface.



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