Two Starts

A beginning of two separate adventures

Ameth is running through Tamuril Forest trying to track down the Polnorphus he helped accidentally release. Just as he realizes he has lost the trail he runs into Nora and Llocsird who have been looking for him. After explaining the situation the group decide to focus on finding the Great Turtle instead.

After searching through the forest for several hours with no luck they eventually stumble upon and goblin platoon. After killing the majority of the goblins they ask the paralyzed leader some questions. He reveals that they too were hunting the giant creature. He is then left to die alone in the woods as the three resume their search.

Later into the night they manage to find what appears to be the Great Turtle and decide to investigate. Eventually the creature gets startled and begins to lumber away. They three climb vines hanging from the side of the shell and ride the turtle some distance, distancing themselves from another goblin platoon. After running for some distance the Great Turtle leaps off a large cliff and crashes into another part of the forest causing the heroes to almost fall off in the process.

Aletha Wholestory then joins the scene and uses her ability to communicate with animals. She finds out the turtle is named Shelly and she has lost her egg. Shelly promises to reward them with the egg once the child hatches. The four take some glowing moss to help find the egg.

While moving through the rainy forest the group spots a glowing light up ahead. They manage to see a group of three figures head into a secret mountain passage and decide to follow. Aletha Wholestory is able to magically open the hidden passage and the group heads into the dark dungeon. After a little exploring they find a room that they believe contain the original three figures that entered the dungeon. Nora attempts to knock at their door and reason with the group. When the door is opened they see there are three drunk Salamen who mistake Nora’s glowing lantern for their friend Pistil. She plays along at first and finds out the group is guarding the dungeons entrance (poorly) and answer to a figure they refer to as “Big Red” Nora excuses herself and the rest of the group continue to explore the dungeon sneaking past another dimwitted orange Salaman only to be spotted by an active guard. Nora manages to convince the guard they are not enemies and buys the group more time.

Ultimately they decide to leave the dungeon and rest up. Someday they plan to return and investigate this group.



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