Two Starts
A beginning of two separate adventures

Ameth is running through Tamuril Forest trying to track down the Polnorphus he helped accidentally release. Just as he realizes he has lost the trail he runs into Nora and Llocsird who have been looking for him. After explaining the situation the group decide to focus on finding the Great Turtle instead.

After searching through the forest for several hours with no luck they eventually stumble upon and goblin platoon. After killing the majority of the goblins they ask the paralyzed leader some questions. He reveals that they too were hunting the giant creature. He is then left to die alone in the woods as the three resume their search.

Later into the night they manage to find what appears to be the Great Turtle and decide to investigate. Eventually the creature gets startled and begins to lumber away. They three climb vines hanging from the side of the shell and ride the turtle some distance, distancing themselves from another goblin platoon. After running for some distance the Great Turtle leaps off a large cliff and crashes into another part of the forest causing the heroes to almost fall off in the process.

Aletha Wholestory then joins the scene and uses her ability to communicate with animals. She finds out the turtle is named Shelly and she has lost her egg. Shelly promises to reward them with the egg once the child hatches. The four take some glowing moss to help find the egg.

While moving through the rainy forest the group spots a glowing light up ahead. They manage to see a group of three figures head into a secret mountain passage and decide to follow. Aletha Wholestory is able to magically open the hidden passage and the group heads into the dark dungeon. After a little exploring they find a room that they believe contain the original three figures that entered the dungeon. Nora attempts to knock at their door and reason with the group. When the door is opened they see there are three drunk Salamen who mistake Nora’s glowing lantern for their friend Pistil. She plays along at first and finds out the group is guarding the dungeons entrance (poorly) and answer to a figure they refer to as “Big Red” Nora excuses herself and the rest of the group continue to explore the dungeon sneaking past another dimwitted orange Salaman only to be spotted by an active guard. Nora manages to convince the guard they are not enemies and buys the group more time.

Ultimately they decide to leave the dungeon and rest up. Someday they plan to return and investigate this group.

Going Deeper
An adventure or trap?

Ameth, Liniff, and Malkatraz meet back up at the Golden Brush tavern after their encounter with the Polnorphus during New Friends, New Trouble. The halfling that hired the group to help find his partner and great weapon locates the group in the bar and asks about their results. They tell him the grim news of his dead partner but keep the details of the weapon/ Polnorphus vague. The halfling storms out just as a Red Knight of Kurn makes his entrance in the tavern.
The bar goes silent as Knight of Kurn makes his way toward the trio. He begins asking them probing questions but is met with hesitation. Malkatraz attempts to treat the Red Knight the same way he handled the halfling with little success. The Knight splits their table in half with great ease which cause the group to spill the beans on the location of the Polnorphus release. Learning what he wanted, the Knight turns and quickly heads toward his destination into the Quill Woods.
Ameth and Liniff decide to try and follow the Red Knight while Malkatraz finishes up at the bar. The Red Knight quickly locates the dungeon and enters and the two both decide to follow the into the goblin lair only to find the entire place begin to collapse around them. Ameth quickly escapes unscathed but Liniff isn’t so lucky. She finds herself pinned underneath fallen rocks, if not for Ameth’s quick work she surely would have perished.
Soon Malkatraz rejoins the others and mentions a nearby adventure he’s heard of. The other two ask for details but soon find themselves following Malkatraz to a structure carved into the side of cliff. Malkatraz wants the group to head directly into the main door but the others decide to find a less obvious entrance. Ameth and Liniff find an area of the cliff where water appears to be pouring out and decide to test their luck and squeeze through. Eventually they find themselves inside the building and begin to explore. Malkatraz manages to open the large door and finds himself in a huge hall with large stone pillars and archways. As he wanders the great hall he sees a goblin archer about to shoot from a balcony. Just before the arrow is let loose Ameth fires off his own arrow and saves his fellow adventurer. Across the hall in another balcony a second goblin readies his bow as an orc begins to notice Malkatraz. Both are soon dead due to arrow and axe. The group continues to explore until the come upon a holding cell area. Another fight with an orc begins with the heroes once again scraping by. Ameth slowly opens each cell door finding empty cells and monsters, eventually he finds a trapped woman who asks for help. Not wanting to leave the mysterious building yet they point the girl to the exit only to have Malkatraz kill her before she leaves.
After making their way through other fights and traps the three find themselves in a large library where a mysterious figure greets them. He has a large cloak and his arm is covered in smoldering rock. It appears that the man is being controlled by some outside force as he is moving oddly and talking in a distant manner. After a brief conversation it seems that he knows both Malkatraz and Ameth A fight takes place in the hopes of forcing the stranger to reveal more information. Eventually the stranger is knocked out of a large window and manages to escape.

New Friends, New Trouble
first encounter of new friends and a new foe

After retrieving his locket Ameth decides to pop back into the Golden Brush for a quick nip. Soon after arriving Ameth four drunk dwarves start trouble with a fifth dwarf. The drunk dwarves seem to have mistaken the other dwarf for a friend of theirs but are obviously getting on his nerves. They continue to get more boisterous and knock over the soup of a nearby halfling. Only when the mistaken dwarf’s ale is messed with does he react, digging his axe deep into the others chest. A scuffle takes place and with the halfling and Ameths help it is quickly resolved. While the dwarf introduces himself as Malkatraz and the halfling as Liniff they are approached by another halfling who has a proposition for the rowdy group. His partner has gone missing while in search of a powerful weapon but he is too afraid to search for answers himself. Ameth & Liniff seem excited by the prospect while Malkatraz begrudgingly seems interested.

Ameth & Liniff take the lead in into Quill Woods searching for the missing halfling and weapon while Malkatraz keeps his distance. After an encounter with a large slime Malkatraz attempts to assert leadership of this expedition resulting in the first of many fights between Ameth and himself. Eventually the trio find a dead halfling they assume to be the missing partner. Liniff finds a map on the body and they continue to investigate until they find a hidden entrance. Malkatraz once again hangs back while the other two delve into the dungeon. After sneaking around for quite some time Malkatraz decides to see what’s taking Ameth and Liniff so long. Because of an argument between the group over what to do with a mysterious hatch the inhabitants of the lair soon realize they have guests resulting in a messy but quick battle.Malkatraz and Liniff go deeper into the dungeon as Ameth continues to investigate the copper hatch. After some quick work with the hatch the door begins to swing open and they all immediately realize Ameth’s mistake, a dark purple mass of bone and limbs begins to rise out of the hatch while the three adventurers run deeper into the lair.

They find themselves in the Goblin Warlords room toward the back of the dungeon with the unholy mass slowly approaching them. The three work together to make short work of the goblin and his hound. Before the goblin was finished of he revealed they had released an ancient evil called a Polnorphus that is now in search of a host to confine it’s body to so that it can then spread to others again and again. The group decides to toss the goblin’s dog at the purple mass which quickly seems to devour what was left of the dog only to reconstitute itself into a purple demon dog. Now that it has a body the demon quickly tries to flee while the group fight among themselves. After Ameth almost looses his arm to Malkatraz the group splits up. Malkatraz tries to escape the dungeon from the goblin warlord’s escape route whlie Ameth and Liniff try to chase down the evil they have released. Unfortunately the evil Polnorphus escapes into the wild and Liniff looses her spear in the process.

Drie to Devonshire & back again
A missing beauty causes trouble in two towns

While Nora and Ameth are headed toward Drie when they come upon a mysterious stranger. After a bit of confusion all three are locked up in the town jail. Ameth and Nora quickly find that this small town jail was poorly constructed and manage to escape the holding cells. Escaping the town didn’t prove quite as easy. Alerted guards are about to overcome the duo when one of the town walls is blown open by men trying to free the mysterious stranger. Ameth and Nora join forces with the guards to stop this attack and in doing so gain the Mayor’s favor. They agree to try and rescue the mayor’s wife Amaza Ellington from the neighboring town of Devonshire.

When they get to the town they try to get information indirectly about the situation with little results. They decide to confront Duke Edward Ellington about the situation next. The duke is not a happy fellow so the two decide to sneak into the estate at nightfall.

While looking for Amaza Ellington they stumble upon Llocsird and Aletha Wholestory who had also been captured by the Duke in hopes of using their magical abilities for some evil purpose. Ameth made short work of their chains and now the four decided to join forces. Avoiding guards as best they could they eventually came upon a tower which they hoped contained the trapped Amaza Ellington After sneaking up the side of the tower Llocsird decided to hang back in case any guards found them while the rest of the group finished the trek up the rest of the tower. Soon a guard who was making his rounds found the rope the adventures had used to sneak into the tower. Llocsird tried to convince the guard of his master’s evil ways but had no luck and was forced to subdue the man and hide the unconscious body. Meanwhile Nora, Aletha Wholestory, and Ameth reach the top of the tower and find Amaza Ellington being held by two goblin warlocks who are performing some evil ritual. The group makes short work of the two fiends and begin to plan their escape. Llocsird and Aletha Wholestory decide that now that Amaza Ellington is rescued they need to worry about their own freedom and part ways with the group.

With their departure the three take two horses from the Duke’s stable and ride to freedom. They return to Drie and are informed of Ellington’s plan to work with the local goblin tribe to control the surrounding area. The duke had promised the goblins the magic blood of his sister in return for their submission. The mayor asked Ameth & Nora for help stopping any future plots from the Duke or the goblin tribe but the two adventures decided Drie had provided enough adventure for now and headed South.


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