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  • Tamuril Forest

    One of the largest forests in all of Adrago. The Elven capital city of [[Vanimdele | Vanimdele]] resides deep in the forest. Many elves protect the forest but it isn't without it's wild & unruly inhabitants.

  • Vanimdele

    Buried deep in the [[Tamuril Forest | Tamuril Forest]] lies the grand Elven city of Vanimdele. [[:ameth | Ameth]] was raised here until he took off in search of adventure and discovering the secrets of his past.

  • Minetia

    The second great city of Elves. Even though it isn't buried deep within a forrest Minetia is far more secretive and unkown when compared to [[Vanimdele | Vanimdele]]

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