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  • Tamuril Forest

    One of the largest forests in all of Adrago. The Elven capital city of [[Vanimdele | Vanimdele]] resides deep in the forest. Many elves protect the forest but it isn't without it's wild & unruly inhabitants.

  • The Glaive

    Despite it being smaller than [[Tamuril Forest | Tamuril Forest]] the Glaive is the deepest and most dangerous forest in all of Adrago. Few travel into the Glaive. [[:llocsird | Llocsird]] does call this mysterious wood his home.

  • Quill Woods

    A forest east of [[Arantile | Arantile]]. During [[New Friends, New Trouble | New Friends, New Trouble]] a [[Polnorphus | Polnorphus]] was released from a goblin dungeon here. The dungeon has since been destroyed during [[Going Deeper | Going Deeper]].

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